5 Best Manufacturers Of Cedar Dog Beds

The 5 best manufactures of cedar dog beds can provide a comfortable night's rest for your dog. Most pets have their own favorite spots in the house and many pet owners have discovered that giving them a comfy bed of their own space to to sleep on helps prevent wear and tear of their favorite spots. On the other hand, if you are slowly working on moving your pet and his cedar bed outside, take a look at all natural wood cedar dog houses.

  1. Snoozer Cosy Cave Dog Bed. This is a cozy bed with a sheepskin pocket. The bed is comfy and spacious, yet  offers a covered privacy area in order to block out any noise  and day time light. If your doggy loves to sleep under the covers this could be the bed of his dreams. It comes in a variety of colors and the cover can be removed and washed. The top is made of polycotton and lambswool and the bed itself has a cedar/poly fill.  
  2. Petmate Plush Cedar Large Dog Bed. This is a basic 40×30 model dog bed. It is easy on the pocket book, yet provides the more luxurious benefits of the cedar chips. These cedar dog beds are well received by dog owners because they are dependable and a good value. For your convenience, they have an assortment of proportions and materials to chose from.
  3. Caddis Cedar Ortho Dog Bed. This bed is made with multi materials including cedar chips. Dog owners love these beds which have a refreshing smell. The cedar is sheared and enclosed in a liner, creating a favorable aroma in the room, making pet owners are happy since it naturally repels fleas as well. They come in a variety of fabrics to pick from. They are all removable and washable, perfect even if your dog is an outside pet.
  4. Bowser Donut Bed-Paisley Cedar Microvelvet. This bed is a two piece designed bed and can be used as a travel bed also.  The cover is zippered and can be easily removed and is machine washable. The sides are comfortably padded. A matching pillow and blanket are available for purchase. You can also chose to upgrade this bed to a double donut bed.
  5. Pet Gear Nature's Foundation Pet Bed. This bed holds up to 30 lbs.; the bottom chamber is cedar while the top is an orthopedic design giving your pet the maximum in comfort. It has a fleece cover and the cedar will provide more warmth for your pet and will insulate him keeping him away from a cold damp concrete floor. Choosing a cedar bed means choosing the pleasant aroma of cedar instead of doggy breath on your dog's bed. These beds are durable and comfortable.
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