5 Best Manufacturers Of Chew Resistant Dog Beds

Even healthy, well-exercised dogs chew things, so knowing the 5 best manufacturers of chew resistant dog beds will help you find what you need for a gnaw-happy pet. If your dog has chewed through everything you’ve provided for it, you still have options.

  1. Crypton. This manufacturer makes a chew resistant dog bed that, for comfort, is hard to beat. It looks like a large sofa pillow cushion and comes in a variety of material styles. For an older dog who needs some loving cushiness, the Crypton is a good match. The Crypton also is very stain and odor resistant. For the fashion-conscious, the company makes a luxury William Wegman designer bed if you happen to have your own Weimaraners(or any photo-friendly breed!).
  2. Kuranda. Kuranda makes chew resistant dog beds that don’t look like the traditional cushioned ones. They are a platform bed that has the look of a cot. The frame is made from poly-resin on some models and from aluminum on others. Thee company gives a one-year guarantee that they are chew-proof. The cot fabric on the bed is protected inside the frame and not easy for a dog to get at. Kuranda beds are often used by dog shelters. 
  3. K9 Ballistics. This chew resistant dog bed is made of a light-weave, tough nylon fabric that most dogs don’t readily want to chew. The material works really well at keeping off allergens and is also water and odor resistant. The bed is smooth and slick looking and comes in a lot of bright colors. To reduce the chewing availability, the corners of the cushion are reinforced on the inside, and Velcro, instead of a zipper, is used to keep the cover over the cushion. Zippers, their handles, and stitching are usually the first targets of a chewing dog. 
  4. Doggy Snooze. Like Kuranda, Doggy Snooze makes a bed that is a raised platform rather than a traditional cushion. The Doggy Snooze style, however, is more attractive than the Kuranda, with padded rails or bolsters around 3 sides that create a kind of daybed-for-doggies look. The cot-like bed is a good orthopedic choice, and it has enclosed edges on the cushion that also make it chew-resistant. The cover is made of a breathable fabric, and the frame is aluminum. You can easily remove the cover to wash it. 
  5. Orvis. Orvis makes a wide variety of dog products and has a ToughChew trademark on its beds. Like the K-9 Ballistics bed, the ToughChew Dog’s Nest is made of ballistic Cordura nylon for chew-resistance, and if it doesn’t work, the company will refund your money no questions asked. The bed comes in several styles, some that are fun and funky. You can choose the traditional round or rectangular cushion or you can go with a Bagel bed or a Deep Dish Dog bed, which both look like dog heaven.
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