5 Best Marilyn Monroe Movies

The 5 best Marilyn Monroe movies show the range that the actress had. Although far too many people believed that Monroe was the stereotypical blonde, she was anything but. The following movies highlight Monroe's ability to portray a character that was far removed from her own reality.

  1. "The Misfits."  1961's "The Misfits" was Marilyn Monroe's last finished film. This movie is considered to be one of her best films, because it shows her in a way that many people had not seen her: flawed. Monroe's character is a newly divorced woman who ends up caught in a love triangle with two friends.
  2. "Monkey Business."  Monroe's appearance in the Cary Grant-Ginger Rogers film "Monkey Business" stayed true to her typecast of sexy blonde. Monroe plays Grant's secretary who is anything but the brains of the operation. Although Monroe is not the lead, she leaves an impression with moviegoers that is not easily forgotten.
  3. "The Prince and the Showgirl."  When Marilyn Monroe appears on the screen in "The Prince and the Showgirl", it is as showgirl Elsie Marina. Monroe holds her own in this film which also stars legendary Laurence Olivier. Although critics did not warm to the movie, it is still thought to be one of Monroe's best movies.
  4. "Clash by Night."  Marilyn Monroe's brief stint as Peggy in "Clash by Night" is charming and well-acted. Monroe deserves props for holding her own in a film featuring actors Barbara Stanwyck and Paul Douglas.
  5. "The Seven Year Itch."  Arguably one of Marilyn Monroe's best movies, "The Seven Year Itch" helped to solidify her spot as a sex symbol. Monroe plays the gorgeous young neighbor to a man having thoughts of cheating on his wife. Monroe's iconic image of wind blowing up her dress came from the movie.

Marilyn Monroe had many more great movies.  As an actress, she grew from a shallow bit player to a more serious force to be reckoned with.   

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