5 Best Mario Bello Movies

One thing is clear when compiling a list of the 5 best Maria Bello movies. Bello isn’t only stunningly beautiful, she’s a really great actress, too, as is evidenced in her films from “The Cooler” to “A History of Violence” to “Thank You for Smoking.”

  1. “Coyote Ugly” This movie won’t live among the classics like “Casablanca” and “Citizen Kane,” but this romantic comedy on the list of five best Maria Bello movies might make viewers want to dance on a bar or two. Based on a chain of real life watering holes, the movie told the story of an aspiring singer who landed a job at the sexy bar “Coyote Ugly” owned by Maria Bello’s character Lil. The flick kick started Bello’s career and would open doors so she could make indie films with real cred.
  2. “Auto Focus” The next film on the list of five best Mario Bello movies is a dark tale about the downfall of sitcom star Bob Crane. Bello played Crane’s “Hogan Heroes” co-star Patricia Olson (aka Sigrid Valdis, the sexy Stalag secretary) in this true-life story of Crane’s still officially unsolved murder in 1978.
  3. “The Cooler” This indie darling might have been about a guy who brought bad luck to gambling tables but with this entry on the list of five best Maria Bello movies, the actress’ career was starting to heat up and good fortune was on her side. Bello held her own as part of an incredible ensemble cast that included William H. Macy as the lovable loser in the title role, Ron Livingston as a condescending young outsider taking over the casino, and Alec Baldwin who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the casino boss.
  4. “A History of Violence” Not only is “A History of Violence” good enough to rate on the list of five best Maria Bello movies, it holds the distinction of being the last major film to be released on VHS. Bello played a small town lawyer whose husband Tom’s true identity was revealed after he defended his restaurant against some robbers, killing them both. The dark film based on a graphic novel of the same name garnered Oscar noms for William Hurt as Best Supporting Actor and screenwriter Josh Olson.
  5. “Thank You for Smoking” Before Jason Reitman was the Academy Award nominated director of “Juno” and “Up in the Air” he helmed this edgy satire on the list of five best Maria Bello movies. The critically acclaimed dark comedy takes a humorous look at the tobacco industry with Bello as a corrupt alcohol spokeswoman and part of the MOD (Merchants of Death) Squad who push cigarettes, booze, and firearms.  This is one of those funny mario videos that you don't want to miss.
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