5 Best Marisa Tomei Movies

Indulge in funny and sexy with these 5 best Marisa Tomei movies. Marisa Tomei got her start in the same places as a lot of actresses, on TV. One of her more memorable TV appearances was opposite Lisa Bonet in The Cosby Show spin off "A Different World". And while most of her small screen work is forgettable, she has put in some amazing big screen performances that no one can forget. 

  1. "The Wrestler" (2008) Marisa Tomei plays the well-meaning stripper brilliantly without all of the clichéd melodrama. There is one scene where she dances for a bunch of frat boys and they dis her for being "too old". When we saw that scene we nearly fell out of our chair; no matter how old she is, with a body like that, she can dance for us any time.
  2. "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" (2007) In this suspense-filled heist film, Marisa Tomei plays a woman whose affair with her brother-in-law starts a chain reaction that destroys an entire family. It's a very subtle performance, but that's where the brilliance lies. She packs more emotion into one raised eye-brow than some actresses can muster in an entire career.
  3. "Slums of Beverly Hills" (1998) Marisa Tomei plays a pill-popping nutter who makes adolescence even more difficult for her teenage cousin. It's another role that is testament to both Marisa Tomei's hotness and comedic timing.
  4. "Four Rooms" (1995) Marisa Tomei as Margret-the completely stoned partygoer that puts the screws to Ted the Bell Boy- is a small part, but her baked, dead-pan delivery is funny as hell.
  5. "My Cousin Vinny" (1992) Playing "Mona Lisa Vito" in this movie turned out to be Marisa Tomei's break-out performance. In this movie she was funny, sexy, and smart. All of the things that we would come to love about Marisa Tomei over the next few years.

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