5 Best Martial Arts Training DVDs

These 5 best martial arts training DVDs are a great resource to use if you want to learn martial arts from home. The DVDs provide the same step-by-step instructions that you would get from local classes, but they are much cheaper. They are a great way to get in shape, all while learning useful martial art skills. Consider using the following list to help you make the best choice when you're shopping for a martial arts training DVD.

  1. “The Kung Fu Kickboxing Workout” – This best martial arts training DVD is led by Max and Tiffany Chen, two champion fighters. The film features a pure martial arts workout that is designed to improve your reflexes, agility and strength. Along with that, it also features different levels of intensity. As you get more experienced, you can change the level of difficulty.
  2. “Phil Ross' Street Combat Mixed Martial Arts: The Complete Collection” – If you're looking for a training DVD that will take you through multiple courses of different intensities, then this is the best martial arts training DVD to choose. The martial arts on this DVD will improve your flexibility, cardiovascular health, as well as enhance your relaxation abilities. The film comes with four different DVDs, so there is plenty to learn.
  3. “Osamu Inoes Tae Kwon Do Basic Training” – This DVD has ranked on the list of the five best martial arts training DVDs because it has been specifically designed for beginners. The instructions are very specific, which makes them easy to learn at home. Pop this DVD in, and you will be learning martial arts skills in no time.
  4. "Cameron Shayne's Budkon Beginning Practice" – What this film does is a bit different then other martial arts training DVDs because it combines martial arts, yoga and meditation. It teaches you martial arts techniques, but also incorporates yoga to increase your flexibility and ends with meditation in order to help you relax. For these reasons, it's made the list of the five best martial arts training DVDs.
  5. "Solo Training" In this final best martial arts training DVD, Loren Christensen has created intense training sessions. The sessions are meant to help you build strength, speed and accuracy. Not only that, but the DVD even includes resistance training. Use this video to learn and develop some great skills.
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