5 Best Martial Arts Training Shoes

The 5 best martial arts training shoes are all lightweight and provide excellent traction. During martial arts workouts it is very important that the shoe is flat soled to prevent slipping. There are many different designs of martial arts shoes to go along with the different types of martial arts, but comfort is always the key when looking for the perfect shoe. Below are the 5 best martial arts training shoes.

  1. Discipline Martial Arts Shoes: Designed with a lightweight leather, the best martial arts training shoes are Discipline martial arts shoes. Discipline martial arts shoes are designed to accommodate all areas of martial arts. The front of the shoe has an extra layer of rubber by the instep which will give you a good grip on the mat. Soles of the shoes are made with a rubber that can grip surfaces and provide control as well as stability while practicing martial arts.
  2. KD Martial Arts Shoes: Made with a mixture of different materials to make the shoe lightweight, another one of the best martial arts training shoes are KD martial arts shoes. These martial art shoes are made without laces but fit comfortably on the foot allowing plenty of motion. Panels on the side of the shoe provide airflow which help to keep the foot cool and dry during long intense matches.
  3. Adidas Martial Arts Shoes: Another one of the best martial arts training shoes are the Adidas martial arts shoes. The sole of the shoe has a thin layer of rubber which is great when working out on mats. A single row of lacing helps keep the shoe snug on the entire foot. Vents on the side of these martial arts shoes help keep feet cool and dry during intense competitions and workouts.
  4. Pine Tree Shoes: Made with a mesh interior, Pine Tree shoes are also one of the best martial arts training shoes. Feet pivot easier because of the special tread on the sole of the shoe which is a circular design. This martial arts training shoe is unique because of the reinforced sole which goes from the ball of the foot to the toes.
  5. Kung Fu Shoes: Made with a traditional design, the best martial arts training shoes are the Kung Fu shoes. The best feature of the shoe is that they are extremely lightweight and have a thin plastic sole which provides great traction on workout surfaces. This martial arts shoe is lined with cotton which absorbs sweating and keeps feet comfortable during workouts.
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