5 Best Mattel Board Games

The 5 best Mattel board games consist of those board games that you and your family have enjoyed through the years. Mattel has a reputable standing in the board game sector, and it is one of the most dependable names for all your board game entertainment. So during the next day of rainy weather, dust one of these babies off and play it.

  1. Pictionary. Pictionary is the best Mattel board game because it is a game that requires skill and guessing prowess. A relatively new game, only having been invented in 1985, Pictionary is a game that entails teams of players attempting to correctly pinpoint words from the drawings of their teammates. With Pictionary, all your lame Friday nights, that previously consisted of Star Wars marathons and watching porn, are now a thing of the past!
  2. Baldersdash. This is the second-best Mattel board game since it has history on its side and involves mental puzzles to challenge players. Originally founded on an old parlor game by the name of Splattergories, Balderdash involves first rolling a die and then a whole lot of guessing thereafter. When you play Balderdash, you will notice what a great, communal activity it is, perfect for healing old conflicts. So if you have had a fight with your girlfriend, just lure her to a game of Balderdash and watch her animosity melt away (which she may repay later on with some sex).
  3. Othello. Othello can also be called Reversal, and Othello is a board game for more intelligent people, seeing as how it entails concepts of abstract strategy. Only two players can play: They sit across from each other overlooking a board that contains eight rows and columns and definite game pieces for each player. Your objective? Simple! Just succeed at turning over your opponent's pieces to win the game and the day, too.
  4. Blokus. The fourth-best Mattel board game is Blokus, primarily because it is a brain-teasing puzzler of a board game. First put out in the year 2000, Blokus is made for two to four players, and it is a board game from Mattel that has enjoyed a lot of attention in the form of awards over the last ten years, another reason that you may want to check it out. It was awarded a Mensa Select award, and in 2004, the Teacher's Choice Award was granted to it.
  5. Apples to Apples. Apples to Apples can best be described as a party game that takes a relatively short time to complete. An average game session for Apples to Apples lasts about 30 minutes to 60 minutes, and it is best played by about four to ten players. With this party game, you'll be sure to be more popular with your circle of acquaintances, and if you were a nerd before, you sure as hell won't be after you become known as the "Apples to Apples guy!"
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