5 Best Maui Beaches For Snokeling

Are you looking for the 5 best beaches to snorkel at in Maui?  You are in luck because Maui definitely has some of the best beaches for snorkeling.  You will not be disappointed with the under water sea life in Maui.

  1. Fishbowl.  Fishbowl offers some of the clearest waters in all of Maui.  The waters are protected, clear, and there is a ton of fish here.  Fishbowl is considered a secret spot in Maui.  Fishbowl is located in South Maui and there are no markers or signs.  If you're lucky you will find a local to point you in the right direction.  If you want the beach all to yourself come early!
  2. Kahekili Beach.  Kahekili Beach will provide a wonderful experience for first time snorkeling.  The visibility is great and you will walk away in amazement from all the fish Kahekili offers. 
  3. Kaanapali Beach.  Kaanapali Beach is probably one of the most popular beaches, especially for snorkeling, in all of Maui.  Not only is there a ton of entertainment within walking distance of the beach but the famous black rock is also located on Kaanapali Beach.  Snorkeling at black rock is known throughout the world.  Most days you will be swimming with beautiful turtles and a wide variety of fish. 
  4. Polo Beach.  Polo Beach is another beach not known to many.  You will find Polo Beach very clean and it also offers great facilities making it a great Maui beach for snorkeling.
  5. Honolua.  Honolua bay not only offers some of the best snorkeling in all of Maui but it is considered one of the most beautiful spots in the world.  The waters are very clear and you will find some of the most beautiful fish you have ever seen.   
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