5 Best Maui Bodysurfing Beaches

Bodysurfing is an exhilarating activity to partake in, especially in Maui, and knowing about the 5 best Maui bodysurfing beaches is a must if you’re a bodysurfing enthusiast that plans on heading out toward this tropical paradise anytime soon. From Hamoa Beach to Mokuleia Beach, there are many great beaches in Maui for bodysurfing.

  1. Hamoa Beach. The ever popular Hamoa Beach is one of the best Maui bodysurfing beaches. Bodysurfing requires large waves and Hamoa Beach offers some of the biggest waves in all of Hawaii. There are no lifeguards on this beach so use caution when bodysurfing.
  2. Baldwin Beach. The beautiful Baldwin Beach is another one of the best Maui bodysurfing beaches yet it may not be around too long in the near future. According to the Hawaii PV Coalition, Baldwin Beach is one of the beaches Maui stands to lose because of rising sea levels due to carbon dioxide emissions. Bodysurfing Baldwin Beach is a must if you want to get in on the action before it’s too late.
  3. Mokuleia Beach. If you’re looking for the perfect beach for bodysurfing during the winter, then Mokuleia Beach is the perfect destination for you. Be sure to dress accordingly when bodysurfing during the harsh winter months as the water can get quite chilly.
  4. Kapalua Bay Beach. Located in west Maui, Kapalua Bay Beach is another one of the best Maui bodysurfing beaches. If you don’t mind crowds, Kapalua Bay Beach is the perfect bodysurfing destination to be.
  5. Honolua Bay Beach. Honolua Bay Beach is not only one of the best Maui bodysurfing beaches, it’s also one of the most beautiful boasting crystal clear waters, an abundant marine life, a rocky shore line, and  lush, green vegetation. It's remote destination also makes it a great beach to bodysurf in Maui. If possible, plan on bodysurfing this area during the summertime as you’ll experience greater visibility than during the wintertime.
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