5 Best Men’s Hiking Boots

These are the 5 best men's hiking boots. If you enjoy hiking as much as the next guy, then you know you cannot simply go hiking in a pair of sneakers. You need a nice, durable, steady pair of hiking boots and when it comes down to it, these are the best for climbing your very own Mount Everest:

  1. Keen Growler- Although these amazing hiking boots are expensive to say the least, the 125 dollars you fork over for these boots are more than worth it. Along with not looking as ugly as most hiking boots, these Keen Growlers are water proof and even have the trade marked toe bumpers on the front of them. This is a great value for your dollar deal as far as hiking boots are concerned.
  2. Sorel Caribou- Sorels are a tall tan looking boot, and although it may not be as nice looking as the Keen Growlers, these Sorel Caribous are great for low temperatures. They are your perfect choice if you are a fan of ice fishing. They are easily one of the best hiking boots on the market today.
  3. Hi-Tec St. Moritz Luxe- Now that we have the long name out of the way, lets get to the boots. These great hiking boots are a waterproof suede and although they have fur styling on the top, do not let these boots fool you. These are rugged boots that will do the trick on any hiking endeavor you decide to take.
  4. Patagonia Koyuk- This pair of Potagonia Koyuk's are the most expensive pair of great hiking boots as they sit at a costly 190 dollars, but these boots are worth the money. Laced with pigskin, these are the ultimate water proof pair of hiking boots on the market.
  5. Danner Ascend- These great hiking boots are a whopping 170 dollars. These Danners are more than worth your money though, as most foot testers say these are the most rugged and supportive hiking boots on the market today.

Those are the five best hiking boots on the market today, and no matter which pair you choose, you can not go wrong.

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