5 Best Men’s Manicure Kits

The 5 best men's manicure kits are kits for men who want their cuticles, fingers and hands to look their very best. Use any one of these manicure kits, and you may just get your fingers and hands looking good enough to qualify you as a hand model. Who knows?!

  1. Royce Men's Leather Manicure Set. In this leather manicure set by Royce, all the tools you need to have your cuticles and fingers look great are included. At less than one pound in weight, this men's manicure kit comes with an ear-and-nose-hair trimmer, finger and toenail clippers, a cuticle pusher, tweezers and scissors.
  2. Bey Berk 10 Piece Men's Manicure Set Kit. The Bey Berk manicure kit comes in a tan leather case. It includes two scissors, a nail clipper, a file, a cuticle cleaner, a tweezer, shirt stays, a shoe horn, a knife and a mini eyeglass screwdriver.
  3. Tweezerman's Deluxe Men's Grooming Kit. The Tweezerman's manicure kit is packaged inside of a carry case that is also sturdy. It features a tweezerette, a fingernail clipper from stainless steel, a pocket nail file and scissors for facial hair.
  4. Alice 8 Piece Men's Manicure Set. This men's manicure set by Alice is great for traveling as it is portable. This kit is nicely packaged and is of a great quality; it features a cuticle pusher, a foldable nail file, tweezers, cuticle scissors and nail nippers.
  5. Niegeloh Toplnox 7 Piece Stainless Steel Men's Manicure Set. All tools in this seven piece men's manicure kit are made of stainless steel and come in great quality. The craftsmanship of these Niegeloh tools for self-grooming is beyond compare: They are all made by hand.
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