5 Best Mens Mickey Mouse Watches

If you are wondering what the five best men's Mickey Mouse watches are, that is a difficult question to answer because there have been so many interesting ones that have been developed since the first Mickey Mouse wristwatch in 1933.  Macy's sold more than 11,000 of those the first day of release for just under $3.00!  This watch had Mickey Mouse in the center with his gloved hands rotating as the hands.  A small circle below with three mini Mickey's ticked off the seconds. The same manufacturer, Ingersoll (which became Timex in the 1960's and then produced both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse watches), also came up with a pocket watch, with a retail price of $1.50, as well as clocks. It is said that the time capsule buried during the 1939 New York World's Fair contains a Mickey Mouse watch.

Since Mickey Mouse watches go from cheap novelty watches up to ones in gold and silver and even some encrusted with diamonds, it is only possible to list some unusual ones that I was able to locate on different online websites.

  1. Vintage 1930'S Ingersoll Mickey Mouse wrist watch. Mickey wears his yellow shoes and red paints and with his yellow-gloved hands pointing out the hours and minutes, while that second disc with the three mice point out the seconds.  It is a mechanical wind-up watch, as the watches were until the 1980's.  Although so old, this watch still winds, sets, and keeps time within three minutes in 24 hours!  The 1930's watch faces were just paper with ink printing, so a watch like this requires special care including keeping it away from heat and dampness and storing it inside a white box. 
  2. Mickey Mouse Lorus musical watch that plays "A Small World."  The secondhand dances back and forth as the song plays. This watch is in excellent working condition. 
  3. 1978 Bradley Walt Disney Production Mickey Mouse watch. This is a rare collectible vintage watch with Swiss-made mechanical movement features animated red hands.  The watch will show some obvious wear but runs very well. 
  4. Bradley-Walt Disney Productions Unisex Mickey Mouse watch.  This wrist watch has a manual wind, a base metal case, stainless steel back, and is water resistant.   
  5. The "Now and Then" watch.  The "Now and Then" watch comes in a presentation case with an authentication certificate is offered by Bradford Exchange.  It is exceptional with the dial showing the modern day Mickey and the sub-dial featuring the 1928 classic Mickey as Steamboat Willie.  The modern Mickey has arms that rotate to show hours and minutes while the black-and-white Mickey has arms that count the seconds. This watch has a precision quartz movement and comes with two bands, one black leather and one white leather.
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