5 Best Men’s Slim Fit Shirts

What are the 5 best men's slim fit shirts? Really great looking men's slim fit shirts are available in both dress and casual shirts.  Building a wardrobe by combining dress and casual to accommodate all occasions can be done within reasonable cost.

  1. Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Slim Fit Shirt. Brooks Brothers has all-cotton non-iron, button down slim fit shirts with a breast pocket available in a variety of solid, plaid, and stripes available at a reasonable price on their website. Purchase three to receive a discount.
  2. Shirts My Way. Shirts My Way is an online website that allows you to design your own Slim Fit Shirts to your measurements, color preferences, fabric preferences, and means of shipping. In as little as nine days you can have your custom shirt at your door.
  3. Alfani Slim Fit Shirts. Alfani is sold in departments stores as well as online. Alfani shirts are available in a wide array of color in polo, tees, tanks and dress style slim fit shirts. Prices vary according to style and place purchased.
  4. Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein has a wrinkle free line of men's slim fit shirts available on the company website as well as in stores. Shop on the company website for the largest selection of button down, breast pocket men's slim fit shirts available. Department stores carry Calvin Klein's slim fit shirts as well. Check location for pricing.
  5. Quiksilver. For a casual mens slim fit shirt, Quiksilver has a great selection of t-shirts in a variety of colors. The t-shirts can be found on the company website as well as in stores.
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