5 Best Mens Vintage Belts

The 5 best men’s vintage belts are made of leather, which was the standard material for men’s belts of the vintage era. Theses belts are made of real cowhide; no synthetics here. Belts are basic for holding pants up, but also portray a sense of style and status. Fancy buckles were added to represent an individual's line of work and level of success. Note that extra holes can be added to a vintage belt, and the leather can be cleaned. Try adding a vintage belt buckle as an extra complement.

  1. Calvin Klein Genuine Leather Belt, retailing for $14.99. Calvin Klein is a major power in the clothing world, noted for producing fine clothing without question. A vintage belt at this price is a major value; items of quality priced reasonably are growing scarce.
  2. Joseph Abboud Men’s Luxury Leather Belt. This belt, retailing for $29.99, and the Torino’s of Italy men’s leather belt, $14.49, are both similar and of wonderful quality. These vintage pieces give personality to any wardrobe.
  3. AE Vintage Eagle Belt. This belt has the Eagle logo ingrained in the leather, creating a classic look. This vintage belt has two rows of holes and is cognac in color. This fine leather belt retails for $25. Embossed signatures are still a sign of well-made leather goods, even among the most recently made leather pieces, displaying a tradition of excellence.
  4. Leather Island carries a vintage police belt designed by Bill Lavin for the price of $39.72. The belt has a double hole buckle, is colored in a standard black and is set to fit a 44” waist. The person fortunate enough to fit this vintage item will own a fine article of collectable merchandise.
  5. Geoffrey Beene carries a reversible leather belt of vintage quality for $28.49. This great belt draws attention to a man’s ability to stand tall and firm. A great belt accentuates this bit of style.

Many fine quality belts are found in the vintage line. These belts are made by splendid craftsmen who take time and work with patience before signing their logo to any piece. Because of the quality of the workmanship and the material, these belts can be called vintage.

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