5 Best Metal Albums 2008

The five best metal albums of 2008 helped bring the genre back into popularity. All of the metal bands are critically acclaimed by winning Grammy Awards, and are commercially successful. Most of the five best metal albums of 2008 are from bands that have been in the metal scene for over fifteen years. After all that time these metal bands manage to release hard hitting albums that leave fans and critics satisfied. All of the five best metal albums from 2008 come from bands that are respected and looked up to by fans and the metal music industry.  

  1. "Death Magnetic" by Metallica. The double platinum "Death Magnetic" is one of the five best metal albums from 2008. It's the ninth studio album by Grammy Award-winning metal band Metallica. Released on September 12, 2008 this was the first Metallica album produced by Rick Rubin which helped put a new sound to their band. One of the five best metal albums of 2008 because their new sound took on extremely long guitar solos, and a cleaner sounding production while still keeping their metal roots. The 2008 metal album debuted at number one on Billboard 200 and features the song "My Apocalypse" which won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.
  2. "All Hope Is Gone" by Slipknot. American heavy metal band Slipknot released their fourth studio album "All Hope Is Gone" on August 20, 2008. Hard edge, guitar solos, and slow burning songs, are elements on the 2008 metal album. The album title is based on politics, and the lyrics center around the music industry, obsession, and anger. The 2008 best metal album was the last studio effort that features bass player Paul Gray, who died in 2010. One of the five best metal albums of 2008 because it charted on Billboard 200 at numbr one, and went on to sell over one million copies. 
  3. "Nostradamus" by Judas Priest. The sixteenth studio album by Judas Priest is one of the five best metal albums from 2008. "Nostradamus" is a concept album that tells the story of the sixteenth century prophet, Michel de Nostredame. The 2008 metal album was released in a two-disc set and is the first concept album by Judas Priest. Released June 17, 2008 via Epic Records, this best metal album had a regular jewel-cased double CD, a deluxe hardbound version with a 48-page booklet, and a super deluxe version, which includes three vinyl records. One of the five best metal albums from 2008 because the title track was nominated for Best Metal Performance at the Grammy's.
  4. "Ultra Beatdown" by DragonForce. One of the five best metal albums from 2008 is the fourth studio album by power metal band DragonForce. If you like hard hitting and forceful explosion of power metal, than this is one of the best albums from 2008 to listen too. The metal album only has eight tracks, but all eight tracks are hard hitting, and ruthlessly amazing songs. A special edition DVD which contained the making of "Ultra Breakdown" also came with the 2008 metal album. One of the five best metal albums of 2008 because it's the last DragonForce album to feature ZP Theart as lead vocalist, since he has since left the band.
  5. "Motörizer" by Motörhead. Released in August of 2008, the metal album contains all the ingredients that keep fans coming back for more which includes, powerful songs based on drinking, fighting, sex, and anti-religion. The blunt lyrics corresponds with the bands heavy metal and hard hitting sound. The album got mixed reviews by critics, but positive feedback by metal fans, which is what making an album is all about, music for the fans. The 2008 metal album was the bands nineteenth studio album, and after that many releases, Motörhead proved to still be relevant in the metal scene when "Motörizer" debuted at number eleven on Billboards Top Hard Rock Albums. 


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