5 Best Mexican Film Actresses

Sexy, exotic and out of this world beautiful–we are talking about the best 5 Mexican film actresses. These vivacious leading ladies all have stage presence, alluring accents and bodily curves that drive men crazy. They walk with an air of success and confidence, which is way out of your league, dudes. These ladies are all born in Mexico and generate interest and respect in Hollywood.

  1. Salma Hayek Born in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, she hit stardom with her role in “Desperado.” Salma went on to bigger and more ambitious projects by producing the biographical film “Frida,” which earned her an Oscar nomination for best actress. Though dyslexic, she’s fluent in four languages. Hayek is definitely on top of the best Mexican film actresses ever to cross the border into American films.
  2. Thalía Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Thalia's real name is Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda. Best known for her role in “Mambo Café” she’s also a huge soap opera star in Mexico as well as a multi-platinum singer. She’s a triple-threat super star.
  3. Ana de la Reguera Born in Veracruz, Mexico this Mexican film actress is well-known for her role in “Ladies Night.” She’s won an MTV Award and continues to work in films. She’s a professional dancer and a Cover Girl. She has the “it” factor.
  4. Kate del Castillo Born in Mexico City, Mexico, this hot, sexy Latina is best known for her role in the critically acclaimed foreign film “Under the Same Moon.” As one of Mexico’s best film actresses, she continues to work in American and Mexican motion pictures and making guests appearances on the hit television series from Showtime, “Weeds.”
  5. Fernanda Romero Born in Mexico City, Mexico this bankable actress earned roles in eight upcoming movies this year alone. That absolutely makes her one of the best Mexican film actress ever. She started out in print ads and commercials. Fernanda took some acting classes and now there’s no holding her back.

These amazing Latina actresses have carved their way into Hollywood. Men love them because they’re sexy and women want to be them because of their curvaceous bodies and alluring beauty. Hollywood got it right by introducing American audiences to these incredibly talented foreign beauties.

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