5 Best Mexican Guitar Player

These 5 best Mexican guitar players is comprised of a very diverse group of musicians. Men, women, acoustic or electric, they all have their own sound. If you are a fan of guitar music or are looking for something new to listen to, you cannot go wrong with the guitar players on this list.

  1. Carlos Santana The list of of the five best Mexican guitar players is not complete without Carlos Santana. He has been making music professionally since the 1960's and continues to perform and tour with his band, Santana. The group's early hits were "Black Magic Woman" and "Oye Como Va", but Santana scored nine Grammy's for the 1999 album, "Supernatural", featuring the mega-hit, "Smooth". Carlos even has his own line of Paul Reed Smith guitars. Anybody with enough cash can buy one, but nobody can play like him.
  2. Oscar Lopez Pass the margaritas! When we listen to Oscar Lopez and his brilliant acoustic guitar, we feel like we are on a Mexican beach, watching the waves crash against the shore. There is some argument about whether or not it is true flamenco music, but we don't care. Listen to songs like "Black Guitar" and you will know why Oscar Lopez is one the five best Mexican guitar players.
  3. Luis Villegas Is it jazz, is it rock or is it flamenco? We don't know. We just call it good guitar by one of the five best Mexican guitar players. Luis Villegas is a self taught musician who earned a Grammy nomination in 1999 and has played acoustic guitar with greats as diverse as Janet Jackson and Placido Domingo, but for a real treat, check out his Christmas album, "Guitarras de Navidad."
  4. Gabriela Quintero She is one half of the Mexican duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela and the only woman on the list, but she is definitely one of the five best Mexican guitar players. She plays rhythm guitar, but you have never heard it played like this. Quintero doesn't so much play the guitar and she beats it into submission, often pounding out rhythms on the guitar body while mixing in lightning-quick chord changes. Need proof? Find a video of  the duo's cover of Metallica's "Orion".
  5. Ritchie Valens Yes, this is the "La Bamba" guy. He was a great guitar player, too, who was influenced by the guitar in Mexican folk songs. When Valens was in high school, he built an electric guitar from scrap. Later, when he bought a Harmony Stratotone, he painted it green and Harmony Guitars has reissued the Ritchie Valens Signature Stratotone in that same signature green color.
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