5 Best Mexico Destinations

When opting to experience true culture along with resort style options, consider 5 best Mexico destinations that combine a timeless simplicity and unparalleled luxury when compared to other destinations. While the options are limitless, choosing an appropriate destination can be a tiresome feat. Therefore, it is important to secure the best destination possible by limiting options to the most popular choices for luxury resorts, most cultural influences, and historical value.

  1. Cancun: Although Cancun has a reputation as a complete party city filled with non-stop spring break parties and drunken college students, Cancun has a wide array of cultural events and resorts that set it apart from other Mexican locations. Situated on the Yucatan Channel of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun boasts a comprehensive array of more than 150 hotels that include the infamous Fiesta Americana five diamond resort and spa. While there are several luxurious hotels in Cancun, resorts that offer concurrently offer affordability and luxury for budget seekers are also available. Moreover, Mayan Culture still prevails in Cancun, thus offering visitors the ability to explore several architectural and archaeological Mayan ruins and remnants from the Mayan culture.
  2. Mexico City: Mexico’s Capital of Mexico City and the world’s largest city isn’t surrounded with beach front resorts and properties, however this city is one of Mexico’s 5 best destinations for various facets in modern Mexican culture and its historical background. Moreover the scope of artistic museums in Mexico City is extremely gratifying. Mexico’s most famous female painter Frida Kahlo’s home has been turned into a museum in which visitors can explore the place where she lived off and on until her death in 1954. Many of her things, including her paintings and even her bed, are on display. Another famous painter Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo’s husband, also has a museum dedicated in his honor. With so many historical locations and modern culture, Mexico City remains on top as one of Mexico’s must see locations.
  3. Acapulco. If you are looking to escape to a place with tropical like ambiance and post card beaches, Acapulco should be at the top of the list. Acapulco is one of Mexico’s oldest costal cities, boasting an array of exciting guided tours, and exciting nightlife, first class resorts and top water sports including jet skiing, scuba diving and fishing.
  4. Tulum. While many of the five diamond rated resorts and nightlife are great and comforting to enjoy, the further away from traditional vacationing spots, the more laid back and enjoyable things will become. Tulum, just like Cancun, is also situated on the Yucatan Peninsula. However, Tulum is comprised of three areas: pueblo areas (town), archaeological ruins, and beaches.  This allows travellers to experience the unique and pristine beach areas, while simultaneously enjoying shopping and cuisine, cultural interaction in the pueblo areas, and visiting historical grounds in the ruins.
  5. Guadalajara.  Mexico’s second largest city and the birth place of Mariachi music offers some of the most unique aspects than any other Mexican City. Guadalajara, with more than 500 years in its existence, offers many facets of modern Mexican culture while concurrently integrating facets of Mexican history. The Museum of Archaeology of Western Mexico resides here as well as Museum of Huichol Indian Handicrafts.  In order to experience traditional Mexican culture, it is important to enjoy the shopping ventures in Guadalajara. The city is home to glass blowing, ceramics, and leatherwork. Also, if you would like to enjoy true Mexican nightlife, nightly walking tours and concerts adorn the streets of Guadalajara, thus making this city a must see project.
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