5 Best Michael Caine Movies

These 5 best Michael Caine movies showcase his versatility as an actor. Michael Caine is one of Britain's most celebrated actors and has had the starring role in many classic movies. There are numerous Michael Caine movies that could be considered his best as his career is broad, spanning more than 30 years. However, there are several films that are generally agreed to be his stand out movies.

  1. "Get Carter". Perhaps one of Michael Caine's most famous roles. The film, widely regarded as a classic, follows gangster Jack Carter as he travels from London to Newcastle to attend his brother's funeral. After discovering he was murdered, Jack Carter wreaks bloody revenge on the mob bosses who had him killed. Michael Caine plays Jack Carter with an intensity that inspired later generations of British gangster films, the style of his performance is often imitated but never never matched.
  2. "The Italian Job".  Acknowledged as one the greatest British movies of all time, "The Italian Job" is the story of Charlie, played by Michael Caine who plans to steal four million dollars worth of gold that is being shipped from China to Italy. The film features one of the most famous car chase sequences in cinematic history as the thieves make their escape in three Mini Coopers.
  3. "Zulu".  Based on a true story, Zulu follows the surviving forces of the British Army as they struggle to defend themselves against more than 4,000 Zulu warriors. Michael Caine plays Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead, a leading figure in the defense against the Zulu army in this epic film.
  4. "Harry Brown".  Michael Caine plays Harry Brown, a former serviceman now retired who lives on a tough council estate in London. Terrorized by the local gang of thugs who ultimately murder Harry's best friend, the retired serviceman seeks revenge when the murderers look like they will get away with their crime. An instant classic, Harry Brown was hailed as return to the intensity of "Get Carter" for Michael Caine, and one of his greatest roles.
  5. "The Fourth Protocol".  A late eighties spy thriller about a British spy catcher in pursuit of a ruthless KGB spy. Michael Caine plays John Preston, the government spy catcher in this frenetically paced thriller. Although not as commercially successful as some of his others films, "The Fourth Protocol" contains one of Michael Caine's finest performances during that decade.
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