5 Best Michael Madsen Movies

It's hard to determine the 5 best Michael Madsen movies because he is a working machine. With over one hundred films under his belt, Madsen has been in his share of good movies as he has acted in hit after hit in the last twenty years alone. Madsen has played a range of characters in his tenure as an actor, from a caring dad to a ruthless assassin. As long as there are good movies to be made, it is assured that Michael Madsen will be playing a role in their success.

  1. "Reservoir Dogs". Michael Madsen played Mr. Blonde, a razor carrying, jewel thief in this 1992 Quintin Tarantino hit. Madsen was praised in his role by fans and critics alike. He has a penchant for being a non-violent advocate, so his role was more powerful due to his opposing views on violence. When naming one of the five best Michael Madsen movies, "Reservoir Dogs" has to rank near the top.

  1. "Sin City". Playing Bob in this film noirish comic book adaption, Madsen is Bruce Willis' characters partner in the beginning sequence until he turns his back on Willis, shoots him and leaves him for dead. Madsen is said to be reprising his role in "Sin City 2" in the near future. Sin City became one of the five best Michael Madsen movies and one of the most innovative movies in a long time.

  1. "Kill Bill Vol.1 and 2". Madsen plays Budd, Bill's brother, a former assassin who now lives in a trailer and works at a Strip club. Budd is being stalked by The Bride (Uma Thurman) throughout the second part of the movie. Madsen again plays a great villain that you can almost feel sorry to see get his just desserts. This 2003 blockbuster was one of Madsen's come back roles and one of five best Michael Madsen movies.

  1. "Donnie Brasco". Michael Madsen played the boss of “Lefty's” crew Dominick “Sonny Black” Napolitano in this 1997 screenplay adaption that is one of five Michael Madsen's best movies. The real Dominick Napolitano is best known for getting FBI agent Joseph “Donnie Brasco” Pistone nearly accepted into the family as an associate and getting him “made”.

  1. "Free Willy". In the 1993 film "Free Willy", Michael Madsen plays caring and supportive step father Glen Greenwood. Willy, The Orca is befriended by a twelve year old adopted kid and they share a special bond that changes both of them forever. Even though Madsen has a small but effective role in the film, it shows his diversity as an actor and is considered one of the five best Michael Madsen movies, and one of the most popular among families with children.








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