5 Best Michelle Rodriguez Movies

The five best Michelle Rodriguez movies showcases her ability, of well, being herself. And who is she? She's a super talented tooth chipping vixen. Starring in some very well known flicks, she does more than hold her own with the seasoned vets in the game. She plays her roles so convincingly, you've got to wonder where the character stops and Rodriguez begins. Here are the five best Michelle Rodriguez movies.

  1. "SWAT." Like the title suggests, Rodriguez plays a young cop in SWAT training. Working with the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, a very well known on screen tough guys, she does more than hold her own. One scene actually shows her flattening a huge guy with a one-two punch. This was definitely one of the best Michelle Rodriguez movies.
  2. "Resident Evil." Though the movie got mixed reviews, Michelle Rodriguez shined. She was a hardened soldier on an extermination team assigned to killing the living dead. Why is this one of Michelle Rodriguez's best movies? She's capping zombie after zombie with extreme prejudice. There's something hot about a tiny woman with a big gun getting down.
  3. "The Fast and The Furious." Michelle Rodriguez plays the sexiest female grease monkey in the history of grease monkeys! She is straight bad ass in this film. What's sexier than a pretty girl that can tweak out a car engine? This is easily one of Michelle Rodriguez's best movies.
  4. "Avatar." The best movie of 2009, maybe of all time, is one of Michelle Rodriguez's best movies. She plays a futuristic marine helicopter pilot that defects to the side of the persecuted natives in the film. And you get to see this beautiful woman in 3D. Thank you James Cameron.
  5. "Girlfight." This is the best Michelle Rodriguez movie thus far, as it introduced her to the world. She plays a street smart chick that gets involved in the boxing world. The best scene in the movie is at the very end when she beats her own boyfriend in the ring. It's definitely a must see.
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