5 Best Microcar Dealers

The five best microcar dealers are dealers that specialize in getting you your very own microcar. Microcars are a nifty idea that originated in Europe as far back as immediately right after World War I. Today, many microcars are built and sold in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and they are not popular in the US, so if you buy one, you can be seen as a bit counterculture.

  1. Michaels of Selby. Michaels of Selby has been selling microcars for more than ten years now, and you can pick up your very own microcar from them. This microcar dealer gets the number one spot because they have a huge selection of microcars for sale and in everyone's price range. This dealer makes sure that you can find something you like on its lot.
  2. L&D Stanley Motor Vehicle Engineers Ltd. L&D Stanley Motor Vehicle Engineers Ltd. deserves the two position because their service is so high-quality that most of their business comes from positive word-of-mouth! After you buy your own microcar here, you will be so delighted that you'll recommend your own friends and family to buy here. Plus, if your microcar ever gets problems, you can just bring it in where they will repair it in their fully equipped workshop that addresses all electrical and mechanical issues. 
  3. Andy's Modern Microcars. This microcar dealer earns the three spot on account of its moxy: The owner specializes in building new, 1960's-style microcars that you can take out on the road with you to drive and service at  your local garage. This is great for admirers of the classic microcars from the 1960's because usually, their age makes them too fragile to driver properly. Through this dealer, though, you can make your dream a reality. 
  4. Shelton Lock Small Cars and Scooters. Coming in at number four is this microcar dealer because it is a family-run business that has a philosophy behind its microcar approach. It focuses only on selling microcars that are affordable, economical and high-quality. Their support is also second-to-none since they focus on after-sales service to make sure you continue enjoying your microcar. 
  5. Motorpoint Derby. If you want a microcar from a dealer that promises nothing but unbeatable service, price and choice of your motorcar, make it Motorpoint Derby. Operating since 1998, Motorpoint Derby is so big that it features five acres of outdoor and indoor showrooms that feature 3000 new cars (including microcars) from which you can select. 
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