5 Best Microcar Museums In The World

The 5 Best Microcar Museums in the World are found primarily in the United States. When World War II came to an end Europe was in ruins. Talented engineers built small cars called microcars to be used by people as they rebuilt their lives. There were many varieties of microcars  in this period of small cars also called bubble cars.  Some designs were successful other were not. The car design and use lasted a decade but still many remain owned by collectors and in museums.  These car were built  for economy and low fuel usage. There were small and some usually shaped. There are many museums that have collections of microcars. Enjoy exploring and  learning  about the five best mircocar museums in the world.

  1. The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum is one of the largest in the world. It has more than 300 types of mircocars on display built between 1940 to 1960s. The museum features Messerschmidt cabin scooters built by the German manufacturers in late 1950s, these cars are well made and highly collectible. The museum display a fiberglass 1958 Goggomobile Dart built by Australian company Buckle Motors Ltd. Lightburn and Company, Ltd. of Australia built a few mircocars like the 1964 Zeta Sports and the 1964 Zita Runabout. There are several microcars on display in the museum made by French, Italian and Japanese  companies. Mircocars are sporty, sleek ,and well designed for a small car. The museum has one of the most extensive collections of microcars in the world. Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum: 2590 Eatonton Road, Madison, GA 30650. (706) 343-9937.
  2. Lane Motors Museum has one of the largest collection of European cars which includes microcars. Most cars were built from the 1950s through the 1970s. The museum is located in a former bakery that is 132,000 square feet. It is a working museum that strives to keep all vehicles in running condition. The museum has military vehicles and motorcycles on display too. Lane Motors Museum: 702 Murfreesboro Road, Nashville, TN 37210. (615) 742-7445.
  3. The Bubble Car Museum located in Great Britain is dedicated to the microcar.  Also, known as bubble cars, microcars are under 700cc.  These cars are a significant part of British history as many small manufacturers made microcars throughout Great Britain.  Some of these manufacturers were Bond, Berkleys, AC Petite, and Scootacar. The museum recently moved to a larger facility with a cafe in Lincolnshire—it will reopen soon. Bubble Car Musuem Lincolnshire, New Britain. 01400 262637.
  4. LeMay American Car Museum is a relatively new museum that has a large microcar collection and other types of models.  It is described as an educational interactive car museum.  It promotes automotive education and history. The 165,000 square foot facility will include a collector showcase, galleries, banquet hall and 3.5 acre showfield when completed. The collection will include many microcars and American cars collected by the LeMays. Tours are given at  at Leymay  Museum at Marymount , 325 152nd Street, East Tacoma, WA. (253) 536-2885.
  5. Small Wonders Micro Car Museum has an interesting display of microcars.  Some of the microcars displayed are made by Briggs and Stratton, Heinkel, and Reyonnah. The purpose of this museum is to restore and salvage micro mini cars. Stratton and Briggs made engines before they made micro cars. Visit this  small museum with an outstanding collection of different microcars. Most cars are 500cc in size or less. Small Wonders Micro Car Museum Crystal Lake, Illnois. By appointment only, email knsweger@mc.net. 
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