5 Best Microcars In The UK

Due to fewer parking spaces and increasing population, 5 best microcars in the UK are quite sought after. Microcars are vehicles that are smaller that the standard small city cars. These usually only have the capacity to seat one of two passengers at the most.

Microcars were previously built in the UK, and now these specific models manufactured in the past are on sale. Only one model of microcar is currently still in production. Five of the best microcars of the UK are as follows:

  1. Microcar MC1 Dynamic Hse: This microcar is a manual vehicle. This is perfect for use in rush areas. The engine has power capacity of five hundred and five cubic centimeters. The production year is 2007. This car has a running of only 7,267 miles. The lovely blue color is chip free.
  2. Microcar Virgo Prestige Se: This is a lovely light blue color car. Three-door hatch is a signature of microcar industry. The engine has fuel transmission of five hundred and five cubic centimeters. This car is manual and was built in 2001. The mileage, run by the vehicle is 20,000 miles.
  3. Microcar M-Go: microcar with its 25-year experience has designed the new M-Go microcar. In this design microcar has made an effort to increase space. This car offers four seating capacity. The optional two extra seats can be removed to produce a mini trunk for storage. The doors are wide enough to make back seats accessible. This car is specially designed for better road control and easier handling.
  4. The Bond Minicar: This is a microcar with a two-stroke engine. It is a rather rigid vehicle that needs effort while steering. Though a successful microcar in the UK, it connects the steering close to where the engine is. This makes the engine move as a result of which the wheel loses its alignment.
  5. The Bond Bug: This is a two-seater microcar. The most successful of its years of production was 1973. The most famous feature of this car was that its roof lifted in a canopy style to seat the driver.
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