5 Best Mid Century Modern Lighting Fixtures

The 5 best mid century modern lighting fixtures are gaining in popularity again these days as evidenced by TV shows like "Mad Men," which features that decor style. Certain key characteristics are involved in mid-century modern lighting fixtures that have made their appeal so consistent through the decades. These characteristics are generally vibrant, bright colors and also starlight pinholes of a bygone culture fascinated with the then-nascent space culture.

  1. Sfera 16: Mid-Century Modern Pendant. This pendant light takes the number one spot because it epitomizes what is thought of when the term mid-century, modern lighting fixtures is used. You have your choice of two finishes with this one: brushed aluminum or white enamel. The next time you have company over, impress them with the classical and well-known design of this pendant light.
  2. Orbis: Mid-Century Modern Pendant. The orbis is a mid-century modern lighting fixture that boasts a satin, Swedish-inspired glass shade, which can have a dramatic appearance. That is why it makes the cut at number two. While entertaining guests, wait for them to make comments on how smart this lighting fixture looks.
  3. Aeros: Mid-Century Modern Pendant. This Aeros type of light was really popular back in the 1950s and 1960s, too. It was so popular that it inspired many varying manufacturers to copy its design and market it themselves. Such popularity is why the Aeros sits at number three on this list.
  4. Cerise: Mid-Century Modern Pendant. As far as mid-century modern lighting fixtures go, the Cerise is more elaborate, coming with an aluminum canopy and a satin glass shade hanging from aluminum pins on a white chord. Its sense of being elaborate earns this lighting fixture the number four spot. Place it in your living room, and watch it improve your environment.
  5. Dora: Mid-Century Modern Pendant. The Dora is a real stunner and will look outstanding in any room. Thanks to its finished brass pipe design that looks sleek and sparing at the same time, the Dora sits at the number five spot. The Dora also only works when you stick candelabra bulbs in it.
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