5 Best Mila Kunis Movies

Mila Kunis is so talented that finding the five best Mila Kunis movies isn't the easiest task to complete. She's the perfect blend of beauty and ability. Her career will only go up as her stardom continues to skyrocket. She has an ability to act in serious roles just as well as in comedies. This is a talent that isn't widespread throughout the acting community. Holding her own with many acting veterans, she's very enjoyable to watch on screen…and not just because she's hotter than a preheated stove. Here are the best Mila Kunis movies.

  1. "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" (2005). Unfortunately, we don't actually get to see the thespian beauty on screen because of "Family Guy" being a cartoon. She does, however, lend her voice to the character of "Meg Griffin." Why is this one of Mila Kunis' best movies? Because "Family Guy" is one of the funniest shows on television today. Ironically, Mila Kunis' character is that of an unpopular, unattractive girl. Can you imagine her ever being unattractive in real life?
  2. "Max Payne" (2008). Although the movie was a let down because it deviated from the story line of the game with the same name, Kunis' performance as the sexy secret agent Mona Sax was on point. This is one of her best movies simply because she played Mona Sax the way she should be played. She definitely had that sexy part down. She kicked a lot of ass while seducing Mark Walhberg throughout the film.
  3. "After Sex" (2007). First time filmmaker Eric Amadio offers a honest, sexy, and occasionally crude take on modern relationships in this comedy that uses the act of sex as a springboard to explore larger issues of intimacy and vulnerability. Mila plays "Nikki," a girl involved in one of the criss-crossing relationships in the film. She does a good job balancing a solid dramatic performance with good comedic elements as well. It's a decent chick flick if you're forced to watch one one day. Oh, and it's only 78 minutes long making it a tolerable romantic comedy and one of Kunis' best movies. 
  4. "The Book of Eli" (2010). Mila's back to her ass-kicking ways in this flick. She plays a girl named "Solara" in a post-apocalyptic world. She befriends a guy named "Eli" (Denzel Washington). They're on a journey out West with a book that holds the future of the world in it. Once again, another great performance by this sexy on screen siren makes this one of Mila Kunis' best movies.
  5. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" (2008). With comedy, Mila Kunis is like a fish in water. She seems to be more comfortable doing comedic roles. This particular comedic flick is arguably the best  movie she's done. She plays "Rachel," the new girl in the protagonist's life. She helps him to get over his ex, played by the equally hot Kristen Bell. This is a very funny movie. It's definitely worth the rent. When you see Mila Kunis' sun-kissed body, you'll probably buy it.
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