5 Best Mild Cigars

Looking for the 5 best mild cigars? While a lot of guys enjoy the machismo of smoking robust, strong flavored cigars, some of the best cigars are mild cigars. A mild cigar can be paired with a number of different beverages or snacks and makes a nice everyday smoke. The following are some of the best mild cigars, available at a number of price points for every wallet and taste:

  1. Helix Blue Tubular The Helix Blue Tubular is a light and mild smoke that is ideal for a new smoker. It goes great with light beverages such as white wine or wheat beer. As a bonus, it's inexpensive, which makes it perfect for someone who wants to try something new without breaking the bank.
  2. Cu-Avana Cu-Avanas contain tobacco from the Dominican Republic. The flavor of this cigar is mild, yet spicy and complex. These cigars are praised for their consistency; you will never experience a bad burn, soft spot or blemish.
  3. 5 Vegas Gold These Honduran cigars have notes of nuts and wood with a hint of pepper. All in all, a charming, well-polished smoke.
  4. Avo This Dominican cigar, made by Davidoff, has a smooth and silky taste. This mild cigar gets its name from jazz musician and cigar enthusiast, Avo Uvezian. The subtle flavor will be appreciated by new and seasoned smokers alike.
  5. CAO Gold All of the CAO cigars are highly rated, and the CAO Gold is no exception. This cigar has a nice mild smoke with notes of nut and vanilla and a satisfying aftertaste of chocolate and espresso.
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