5 Best Milla Jovovich Movies

Want to know the 5 best Milla Jovovich movies? Born on December 17, 1975, Milla Jovovich is an Ukrainian actress and supermodel and has starred in many top movies.  She became the highest paid supermodel by 2004, raking in $10.4 million. Here are her 5 best:

  1. "Resident Evil" (2002). Milla Jovavich plays the character Alice in this horror movie. The movie starts beneath Raccoon City deep in the heart of the Umbrella Corporation, which is the most powerful corporation in the world due to its testing of chemical warfare.  The place is known as the Hive and when the lead computer, the Red Queen, detects a chemical outbreak, she kills everyone in the Hive. Alice along with a few friends on the way has to battle the undead flesh-eating employees to get to the virus and isolate it. Alice eventually escapes the Hive after several attempts by the infected to kill her. She emerges from the Hive to find the entire Raccoon City destroyed. The movie then ends. Milla was nominated for best actress by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA, which makes this one of the top movies that Milla Jovovich stars in.
  2. "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" (2004). Once again, Milla takes on the role of Alice, who awakens from a dreadful sleep to find that all the undead that she tried to destroy in the Hive have escaped and unleashed on the world. Alice learns that she was an experiment of the Umbrella Corporation and that she has been given special abilities such as strength and special senses. While the team rescues Angie Ashford, they are tracked by another experiment by the Umbrella Corporation by the name of Nemesis. They have to fight will all their skills to beat Nemesis. In the end, Alice realizes that Nemesis is a former friend of hers and he destroys the leaders of the Umbrella instead of them. This spectacular finish makes this one of the top movies of Milla Jovovich.
  3. "Ultraviolet" (2006). Milla plays the role of Violet, which makes this one of the top movies that Milla Jovovich has starred in. The movie is set in the late 21st century when a lower class of humans have become genetically modified with a vampire-like disease. The humans have been enhanced with speed, stamina and high intelligence. The “diseased” are to remain apart from the normal population and that is when the world is forced to rage a civil war against each other. Violet, also known as Ultraviolet, is protecting a nine-year-old boy that the normal human race wants to destroy because he is believed to be a threat. He holds the key to cure the diseased.
  4. "Resident Evil:Extinction" (2007). The whole world is destroyed after the outbreak of the T-virus after its release in Raccoon City.  Milla once again takes on the role of Alice, which makes this one of the top movies Milla Jovovich has starred in.. The uninfected have to keep on the move in order to survive and stay away from the “nests” of undead.  Alice meets up with a group led by Claire Redfield and Carlos Olivera, who is an old friend of hers. Alice receives information that Alaska is uninfected and the group decides to travel there from the Nevada. Gasoline is very hard to come by because of the survivors using it to move around. Evil Dr. Isaacs find Alice through a satellite and tries to “turn her off” but she fights the satellite and protects her friends. They find a helicopter and she sends them off to Alaska while she stays behind to fight off Dr. Isaacs.
  5. "A Perfect Getaway" (2009).  Milla plays the role of Cydney, the wife of Cliff who takes off to the tropical islands of Hawaii for their honeymoon. The two meet up with two hitchhikers named Nick and Gina. They also meet a couple named Kale and Cleo. The beauty of Hawaii quickly fades away to terror when the couple learns of a gruesome murder that occurred near their honeymoon spot. Cyndey and Cliff realize that they are traveling closely to one couple that meets the description of the killers. This suspense thriller is one of the top movies that Milla Jovovich starred in.
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