5 Best Milwaukee Bucks Players of All Time

The 5 best Milwaukee Bucks players of all time are all Hall of Fame players in the franchise's 40 plus years.  The Bucks have nine Hall of Fame players ever to wear their jersey, with the drafted Julius Erving who never played a game but was drafted by the Bucks.  Leaving out names like Archibald, Cowens, and Dantley, the following best Milwaukee Bucks are those who played at least two seasons with the franchise.

  1. Oscar Robertson.  One of the best point guards and all-around players to ever play the game.  Robertson accomplished much in his career, from the lauded averaged triple-double in a season to his twelve All Star selections.  He is easily found on the list of the best Milwaukee Bucks, as well as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996).
  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  Kareem played for the Bucks in six seasons before playing with the Lakers.  Number one on the all-time scoring list, he is known as one of the best centers to play the game, along with greats like Chamberlain and Russell.  Six rings and 19 All-Star appearances begin some of the awards in his illustrious career.
  3. Moses Malone.  Malone played a couple of seasons in Milwaukee.  He was the last former active ABA player, and won three MVPs and a championship in Philadelphia.  A great scorer and rebounder, Malone is also one of the game's greatest big men and certainly one of the best to ever wear a Bucks jersey.
  4. Alex English.  The eight-time All-Star averaged 21.5 points and 5.5 rebounds a game in his career, where he primarily played for Denver.  In his time in Milwaukee he primarily was the backup to our #2 player on our list.  However, he reached the spotlight with his impressive scoring ability, where, at the time, he made his way to the top of the scoring list.
  5. Bob Lanier.  Lanier played five seasons for Milwaukee, where they won the division title each year he was there prior to his retirement in 1984.  Known for his size 22 shoe, he was an impressive scorer and rebounder, who shot 51.4% from the field in his career.  His legacy, and his shoe, can be seen in Springfield, Massachusetts at the Basketball Hall of Fame.


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