5 Best Mini Cricket Bats

The Mini Cricket Bats are increasingly gaining popularity so players should know at least 5 best mini cricket bats. Full size standard bats are difficult to carry and often inconvenient to display. Mini cricket bats, as an alternative, could be easily carried due to their light weight and are therefore widely used to get autographs of cricket stars. These mini replicas could also be displayed on the wall of a cricket lover’s room or presented as a souvenir to a cricket fanatic. The recent manifestation has come in the form of the Mongoose bat which is a name for a special bat with a long handle but a short willow. It is used by international players all over. Mini cricket bats are also used by coaches to give the players some catching practice. Given their affordable prices, these mini cricket bats are a definite buy. Hence, knowing the 5 best companies that manufacture mini cricket bats certainly helps.

  1. Gray-Nicolls: As with most cricketing equipment ranking, Gray Nicolls tops the list. Though the bats might be at the higher end of the spectrum when compared to the others in the market, they are certainly worth it;
  2. Kookaburra: After mastering the art of developing cricket balls, Kookaburra has also entered the mini-bat market. The bats are durable and certainly reliable. Those coaches with poor fielding units will surely value these.
  3. Gunn & Moore (GM): These tiny versions of the GM bats are not to be taken lightly based on their size. These are ideally suited for collecting autographs and GM has particularly specialized in such bats.
  4. Hunts County: Hunts County provides quality equipment and gives decent competition to the equipment manufacturing giants. These mini cricket bats are copies of their full sized counterparts. These are available in various colored logos and handle grips, serving as great souvenirs.
  5. Slazenger: After conquering Australian markets, Slazenger has emerged as a leading sports equipment manufacturer globally, extending its operations to the famous mini cricket bats.     
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