5 Best Mini Lacrosse Sticks

Learning to play lacrosse requires dedication and hard work — and a good option for younger players to refine their games is to acquire one of these five best mini lacrosse sticks and game sets. These mini-lacrosse sticks are smaller and made of less rigid materials for practicing in basements or in small backyards. According to ratings on Amazon.com, here are the most popular mini-lacrosse sticks:

  1. STX FiddleSTX Lacrosse Sticks. At 30 inches, these sticks are mini versions of the STX Bionic and Proton lacrosse sticks and come with soft mesh pockets. “I loved this product. I had one when I was a teenager and now I was able to get a set for my daughter,” a user wrote in a review on Amazon.com.
  2. Warrior Mini EVO Pro Stick and Mini-Ball. This mini-version of the EVO Pro Stick comes with a durable aluminum mini-handle and mini-ball. “This is great for my 6-year-old who is just learning the game. Make sure to get a few extra balls as they seem to be a unique smaller size,” an Amazon.com reviewer wrote.
  3. STX FiddleSTX 2-Pack Game Set. A unique way to provide the materials that young players need to learn the sport of lacrosse. With a 30-inch version of the Proton and Bionic sticks and a soft practice ball, this set is “ideal for very young players, basements, the beach, dorm rooms and backyards,” STX said in its description of the product.
  4. STX FiddleSTX Game Set. Ideal for mini-games or small group drills, this set includes six field sticks, one goalie stick, one goal and six balls. “I love this item. It’s all of the fun of lacrosse but you can play indoors,” a reviewer on Amazon.com wrote.
  5. Warrior Mini-Nemesis Goalie Lacrosse Stick. Offering a mini-goalie handmade from molded injected plastic, the Warrior Mini helps with improved hand-eye coordination. This product comes with a mini-lacrosse ball while the stick offers a mini soft-mesh pocket.
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