5 Best Mischa Barton Movies

Most of the 5 best Mischa Barton movies were filmed after her rise as a child star during the 1990’s, but even her work as a youngster got rave reviews and helped propel her into the future roles that would win her further acclaim. While drama has been her bread and butter, she has shown that she can hold her own in comedy as well as horror.

  1. “Skipped Parts” (2000) Based on the book by Tim Sandlin, this Mischa Barton movie features Barton as Maurey Pierce. She’s classmates with Sam Callahan (Bug Hall), an outcast who can’t seem to avoid the bullies and is just looking for a connection. Enter Maurey. Not wanting to look like a loser when she says goodbye to her virginity, she enlists Sam’s help in showing her the ins and outs of sex. This throws Sam’s world into a tizzy as previously he believed himself to be knowledgeable about sex because of his elicit daydreams about Fantasy Girl (Drew Barrymore), but quickly finds himself equally as unprepared.
  2. “Lost and Delirious” (2001) Another Mischa Barton movie based on a novel, this one on “The Wives of Bath” by Susan Swan. Mary “Mouse” Bedford can’t get over the loss of her mother and is quickly learning her father and stepmother are cold and distant. They send Mary to an all-girls college where she rooms with Tory (Jessica Pare) and Paulie (Piper Perabo). She soon discovers that the two girls are more than just roommates, however. When the pair break up after Tory’s sister threatens to tell her parents of her lesbianism, Mary comforts both of her friends and learns life-changing lessons about love and friendship in the process.
  3. “Assassination of a High School President” (2008) Spoofing the classic noir film “Chinatown”, “Assassination” is about popular girl Francesca Fachini (Mischa Barton) at a Catholic high school who teams with school newspaper reporter Bobby Funke (Reece Thompson) to investigate a little matter of theft involving the SAT exams. What they uncover is a conspiracy…THAT GOES STRAIGHT TO THE TOP! And then, they discover it goes EVEN HIGHER THAN THAT! A very funny high school rendition that follows in the hallowed footsteps of “Election” and “Brick”.
  4. “The Sixth Sense” (1999) While her role isn’t huge in this movie, Mischa Barton nonetheless plays an extremely memorable character who acts as a catalyst to help Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) discover his paranormal powers. Barton is Kyra Collins, a young girl whose ghost haunts Cole until he is willing to follow her lead and show her father the damning footage that shows who is behind her murder. Barton’s scenes in “The Sixth Sense” are some of the scariest and helped it become one of the best Mischa Barton movies.
  5. “Lawn Dogs” (1996) A movie from very early in her career, “Lawn Dogs” is about Devon Stockard (Barton), the 10-year-old daughter of Morton (Christopher McDonald) and Clare (Kathleen Quinlan) Stockard. Morton is a politically-minded businessman and Clare is a bored housewife who keeps immersed in numerous affairs. Neither parent devotes much time to their only child, so Devon, inspired by her uncle’s stories of a witch living in the forest, ventures off into the woods and finds a trailer inhabited by Trent (Sam Rockwell), a single man who earns a living by mowing lawns around the Stockard’s upper-class neighborhood. Devon and Trent become fast friends after finding all that they have in common, including similar emotional and psychological baggage. “Lawn Dogs” was Barton’s breakout role as a child actor and her performance helped it earn several different awards.



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