5 Best Mizuno Softball Bats

The five best Mizuno softball bats join an explosive list of top bats on the softball market today. There are bats specially designed for fast pitch softball, as well as slow pitch softball, that are at the top the in terms of power, durability, and up-to-date technology. These bats all have their unique features, which have earned them top slots on the competitive list of the five best Mizuno softball bats.

  1. Mizuno Frenzy 2 (fast pitch). The Mizuno Frenzy 2 is the newest, most explosive member of the Mizuno fast pitch family. The new black onyx carbon fiber make-up of the bat allows for maximum distance. This make-up increases performance by allowing the ball to “jump” off the bat more quickly (in other words, the ball comes off the bat hard and fast). Better yet, the Frenzy 2 for fast pitch comes in customized length to weight ratio to best fit the needs of the power hitter and the line drive hitter.
  2. Mizuno Frenzy (fast pitch). Like the Frenzy 2, this bat includes both the anti-shock feature and the customization length to weight ratio.The difference here is that the Frenzy is a more balanced bat. It doesn’t feel any heavier toward the top-half, distributing the weight evenly throughout the barrel.
  3. Mizuno Frenzy 2 Extreme End Loaded (slow pitch). The Mizuno Frenzy 2 Extreme End Loaded softball bat is not to be confused with the Mizuno Frenzy 2; this powerful bat is designed for slow pitch softball. It secures a spot as one of the best five Mizuno softball bats with its explosive make-up and end loaded power. This is a must-have bat for power hitters in the world of slow pitch softball.
  4. Mizuno Frenzy 2 Extreme Balanced (slow pitch). The fourth bat to top the list of the five best Mizuno softball bats is the Mizuno Frenzy Extreme Balanced for slow pitch. Exactly identical to the Frenzy Extreme 2 End Loaded in make-up, the difference with this model lies in the weight distribution. It gives off a lightweight feeling, due to the balance, and is an excellent choice for those line drive hitters.   
  5. Mizuno Wrath 2 (fast pitch). Finishing off the list of the five best Mizuno bats, is the Mizuno Wrath 2 for fast pitch. The only bat on this list that is not made of black onyx carbon fiber, the Wrath 2 still provides a level of comfort and consistency throughout the swing. Providing decent “pop” and good distance, the Wrath 2 is a great bat for all hitters, big and small.
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