5 Best MMA Submission Holds

The five best MMA submission holds in MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts require skill and accuracy to catch a competitor and submit him for the win. MMA is an exciting sport for the variety of ways a competitor can win including the art of submission fighting. Most fans now consider the submission just as exciting as the knockout. Read on to learn more about the five best MMA submission holds.

  1. Triangle choke. The triangle choke is one of five best MMA submission holds due to the inability (most of the time) to break the hold in a timely manner, which will cause your opponent to pass out or tap out. Pulling the opponents head toward your chest is the initial set up, followed by placing your hips at an angle while holding your opponent in the same position. Lift your left leg with your right arm, keep your opponents head down with the left arm and leg to secure him. Tightly secure his left armpit with your left hand, slide your right knee parallel to the opponents head. Raise your foot over the opponents left arm, grab your right ankle and pull it across the back of his head. Place your left ankle over your opponents back to get the hold set in motion. Pull your foot to your body and push your other leg downwards to tighten the hold in a locking position. Grab the back of your opponents head and pull toward your chest to cut the blood circulation off and he will pass out or submit.

  1. Rear naked choke. The rear naked choke is one of the most dangerous moves in MMA, and certainly one of the five best MMA submission holds in history. The rear position, directly behind the opponent is the ideal spot to be in during the hold, although the side position can choke out an opponent also. Hooking your legs over the opponents once you achieve the position gives maximum leverage to your submission hold. Pull the opponents head back with your weaker arm and slide the dominant arm across his throat, grabbing the weaker bicep. Secure the hold with a tighter grip and squeeze the dominant arm and pull the opponent toward you while squeezing should make your opponent submit or pass out.

  1. Kimura. Named after Masahiko Kimura, this move is applied from side-control or from the guard position. Grab the opponents hand or wrist, which opens his guard. Sit up or turn to your side. Reach over your opponents arm that's being held by the hand, control his wrist, push his arm away from his body and force it toward his head causing hyper extension to his shoulder. The Kimura can break an arm if pushed too far. This is one of five best MMA submission holds due to it's effectiveness when preformed properly.

  1. Guillotine. The guillotine is one of most dangerous and one of five best MMA submission holds in the world. The guillotine can be hooked from the standing or guard position and is preformed mostly when an opponent charges head first when attacking or when their head is sticking out to be snatched. You essentially grab the opponents neck with a head lock hold and squeeze the throat tightly after placing the free hand over the dominant wrist and pulling toward you.

  1. Arm bar. The arm bar is applied when the opponent is on his back or on his stomach. Your objective is to place both legs over the opponents chest with their arm trapped in between them and grabbing the arm with both of your hands, pulling it toward your body. The extension will cause the arm of the opponent to extend and possibly snap. This is one of five best MMA submission holds and also one of the most common.

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