5 Best Modern Digital Watches

The 5 best modern digital watches all have great, unique designs. If you're looking for a truly modern, beautiful digital watch, be sure to invest in one of these. All are great choices that should definitely be considered.

  1. Kenneth Cole Men's 3639 Reaction Watch. This watch has a truly modern design, created with stainless steel. This Japanese quartz watch has a great dial display featuring large numbers displayed in a unique modern way. This is without a doubt one of the 5 best modern digital watches.
  2. Timex Women's T5K026. This watch is modernized with a unique aerodynamic strap design. This watch is also water resistant at 330 feet and has many features, such as a spectacular stop watch. This watch with quartz movement is particularly excellent and has a great silver tone.
  3. Kenneth Cole New York Men's KC1296-NY. This watch features a great rectangular face that makes for a wonderful surface design. There are two unique white shapes above and below the rectangular, giving it a great modern hip design. This watch is reminiscent of 60's fashion, with a modern twist.
  4. Casio Women's LDF20-3AV. This watch comes in bright colors, giving it a colorful modern twist. The watch's face is a square with a large numerical display. The numbers are displayed chaotically, but readable, giving it a great contemporary design.
  5. Phosphor Unisex DH02. This may just be the best of all modern digital watches. The watch features two large numbers displaying the time and a digital circle, presented in bold white with a black background. The bold contrast and large pieces make this watch truly modern and unique.
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