5 Best Modern Minimal Watches

The 5 best modern Minimal watches introduce the wearer to Calvin Klein and his sheer inexhaustible collection of time pieces that suit any occasion. Narrowing it down to merely five models is difficult, but for the discerning wearer there are a few options that simply stick out.

  1. K7627161 The list of the five best modern Minimal watches starts out with this quartz watch that combines a stainless steel casing and matching bracelet with a stunning black dial. Swiss-made, it features a date function at the four o’clock location. Close it with a push-clasp.
  2. K7627126 Consider this model the kissing cousin of its black-dial counterpart. Virtually identical except for the silver dial color, it also features an invisible clasp that relies on a double-locking mechanism. This type of watch is a complement to any suit and tie occasion.
  3. K7627107 Moving away from the boardroom models, the list of the 5fivebest modern Minimal watches continues on with the sporty addition to the collection. Stainless steel case material accentuates a black dial and black leather strap. Paying homage to the slightly oversized look, it is decidedly less formal in appearance and would be the type of time piece you’d expect to see on the links.
  4. K7622220 In addition to narrowly defined men’s watches, the five best modern Minimal watches also contain unisex models. For the free-spirited man about town, the mix of stainless steel, silver and plain buckle clasp demand an entirely uncluttered watch face. It is the type of watch that is at home at the museum, a poetry reading and in the artist’s studio.
  5. K7622207 Last but not least in the selection featuring the five best modern Minimal watches is this unisex model that features a lot of black. The watch face is smaller and underscores the chic of Benjamin Franklin glasses. It is a perfect choice for the coffee house aficionado and avid debater.
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