5 Best Modern Pocket Watches

Whether for a gift or personal fashion, knowing five best modern pocket watches can help when in the market for a new time piece. While antique pocket watches are nice, some modern pocket watches have features that make them more useful to modern carriers. Depending on the budget, however, shoppers may have to pick and choose because brand-name pocket watches rival wristwatches in price.

  1. Charles Hubert Winding Double-Cover Pocket Watch. Made of a gorgeous, shiny silver with high-polish, this pocket watch features a smooth outer surface that is perfect for personalizing with an engraving or monogram. The two sides open to reveal the watch on one side and the inner-workings on the other. You have the option of engraving both sides for an added personal touch.
  2. Charles Hubert Winding Double-Cover Gold-Plated Pocket Watch. Similar to the silver watch, this one is 14K gold plated. Also with the two, engraveable covers that open to reveal the watch face as well as the inner-workings. The high-polish shine is what really sells these Charles Hubert watches, and the price for the gold-plated watch is comparable to that of the silver one making it equally affordable.
  3. Devonshire17 Jewel Skeleton Pocket Watch: A beautiful time piece combining 17 gold-plated mechanical parts revealed through the clear middle of the watch face. The back is also see-through, allowing the inner-workings to be viewed from either side. The outer case is polished silver and the glass crystal watch face covering is scratch-resistant.
  4. Colibri Golf Clip Watch: Not the traditional pocket watch design, but a nice time piece for personal use or to gift to someone else. The Colibi Golf Clip Watch uses a trigger-hook, instead of a traditional pocket watch chain, attached to a black leather strap. There is a removable golf ball marker as well, making this a nice gift idea for a golfing buddy, brother, father, uncle, or co-worker.
  5. Wenger Standard Issue Pocket Watch 73000: Another modern pocket watch that does not employ the traditional chain, the Wenger Standard Issue Pocket Watch 73000 has a brown leather lanyard strap attached to the watch with a hook at the end to secure to the body. The mineral crystal watch face is scratch-resistant and the watch itself is water-resistant to 30 meters. The hands are luminous and the time piece is manufactured in Switzerland, like many of the world's top quality watches.
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