5 Best Moments Of ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ Season 1

What are the five best moments of "Beverly Hills 90210" season one? This hit hour-long teen drama chronicled the lives of Minneapolis twins Brenda and Brandon, who move to Beverly Hills and are out of their element among the swanky houses and fancy cars of their peers at West Beverly Hills High. The show debuted on the Fox network in 1990 and quickly gained a devoted following. Here are the five best moments of the first season of "Beverly Hills 90210":

  1. Jackie falls off the wagon. In episode seven, "Perfect Mom," Kelly's mother, Jackie, a glamorous former model, is scheduled to emcee the West Beverly High Fashion Show. But Jackie, a recovering addict, uses cocaine and drinks alcohol before the show and makes a spectacle of herself in front of all of Kelly's friends. 
  2. Brandon gets arrested. In episode eleven, "M.Y.O.B.," the Walsh twins throw a party when their parents are out-of-town. But it quickly gets out of control, with Brandon getting totally wasted and crashing his car, then getting arrested for drunk driving. Dylan saves the day when he takes Brandon to an AA meeting.
  3. Skeletons in the closet. This best "Beverly Hills 90210" season 1 moment is perhaps one of the most talked about episodes, "Slumber Party," from the early seasons. When Brenda has a slumber party, a friend of Kelly's goads the girls to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. In an emotional confession, Kelly tells the group about how she was raped by an older student as a freshman.
  4. Brenda finds a lump in her breast. In episode eighteen, "It's Only a Test," the gang is preparing for the SATs. But Brenda is preparing for medical testing after she finds a suspicious lump in her breast. Although she turns out to be fine, this dramatic moment makes the list of one of the five best in "Beverly Hills 90210" season 1.
  5. Dylan and Brenda have sex after the Spring Dance. After a whole season of will they or won't they, Brenda finally loses her virginity to Dylan after the Spring Dance in episode 21. 



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