5 Best Moments Of ‘The OC’ Season 3

Wondering what the best moments of "The OC" Season 3 are? Love living vicariously through the lavish and dramatic lives of Seth, Marissa, Ryan and Summer? Well, look no further, because you can find the best moments of "The OC" Season 3 here.

  1. "The OC" episode "The Graduates" probably has the most dramatic moment of the series. The death of Marissa, one of the core four, is both shocking and unnerving. This change alerts the viewer to the fact that the series is taking a drastic turn, and for those who are not too upset by Marissa's death, it leads to a dramatic season 4.
  2. "The OC" episode "The End of Innocence" is memorable because Seth covers for Summer when he faces the dean, in turn receiving two months detention. This is a great sign of both his maturity and love for Summer. While before, he was always the clown who didn't take life seriously, his sacrifice shows that he has greatly grown as a character.
  3. Drama unfolds when Summer catches Taylor and Dean Hess kiss in the episode "The Last Waltz." After dealing with all of the drama with the dean, it is great to see that Summer finally has some leverage over the scandalous couple. Also, the shock value of the moment makes for a fun episode.
  4. The discovery of Julie's downfall in the episode "The Perfect Storm" adds some justice and drama to "The OC." Living at a rundown hotel, Julie cannot live up to her old, glamorous image. Not only does her situation serve as some justice for her past indiscretions, her teaming up with Charlotte to scam Kirsten makes for some great drama.
  5. Romance blossoms and fans are rewarded when Seth and Summer get back together in "The OC" episode "The Party Favor." As with other on-and-off television couples (see Ross and Rachel or Sam and Diane), many people love to root for Seth and Summer amidst their tumultuous relationship. This episode gives viewers the result that they are looking for, with the hope that they will stay together for good from now on.
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