5 Best Monica Bellucci Movies

For those looking for proof that models actually can act, too, we present this list of the five best Monica Bellucci movies.  She may have gotten some of these parts by sheer virtue of being hot, but her talent has ensured her continued return to the big screen.

  1. “Irréversible.”  Those who doubt that Monica Bellucci is a serious actress need look no further than this shocking and controversial French film to discover that they are 100% wrong.  It took guts to star in a movie this unflinchingly brutal.  Belulucci’s character, Alex, falls victim to violent anal rape that is graphically depicted at length rather than left to the audience’s imagination.  That is far from the only act of violence or depravity, either.  It is a truly disturbing movie and a bold step for Bellucci as an actress.
  2. “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.”  Bellucci appears in this movie as one of Dracula’s brides, which certainly makes being undead seem like an attractive proposition.  Dracula may not be the nicest guy on the block, but he’s got good taste in women and is a downright gentleman compared to the lowlifes in “Irréversible.”  This is certainly not the only film adaptation of Dracula, but it’s one of the most competently made and one of Monica Belluci’s best.
  3. “Brotherhood of the Wolf.”  This well-executed French horror movie won a sizeable cult following among horror movie fans in the States.  In it, Bellucci plays a Vatican spy sent on an assassination mission by the Pope.  We’re skeptical that the Pope would employ anyone as gorgeous as Monica Bellucci (he probably used catamites instead), but we can think of few people we’d rather be poisoned by.
  4. “The Brothers Grimm.”  This underrated movie from ex-Monty Python member Terry Gilliam features Bellucci as the evil Mirror Queen.  It took a fair amount of liberties with the story of the titular fairy tale authors and got a mixed reception from audiences and critics.  It was an entertaining film for those without particularly lofty expectations for it, though, and thus it makes the list of the best Monica Bellucci movies.
  5. “The Matrix Reloaded.”  OK, so this “Matrix” sequel was not nearly as good as the first movie in the series.  It also wasn’t nearly as bad as the one that came after it, though, and that’s got to count for something, right?  It still had all the crazy special effects and over-the-top action sequences of the original and as an added bonus it had our favorite model-turned-actress. We have to give the Wachowski siblings a pass for that.
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