5 Best Monica Belluci Sex Scenes

She's easily one of the most beautiful movie stars on the planet, and here the five best Monica Bellucci sex scenes. Not only is Monica Bellucci a talented actress, but she's freaking gorgeous. She uses that magnetic beauty to her advantage. Even in movies where she doesn't do the do, she keeps her male audience glued to their seats. When guys find out that a particular movie has a Monica Bellucci sex scene in it, you'd better believe they aren't going anywhere. With so many sex scenes to choose from, narrowing it down to the five best Monica Bellucci sex scenes wasn't easy. But, here it goes. Here are the five best Monica Bellucci sex scenes.

  1. "She Hate Me" (2004)  Monica Bellucci plays a lesbian woman that's desperate to have a child of her own. She goes to see a guy who has been selling his sperm to women that want to get pregnant. Here's the catch. The women are paying him to have sex with them. So, needless to say, Monica goes to the guy's house and a rather freaky sex scene takes place. Makes you want to change professions, doesn't it?
  2. "Shoot Em Up" (2007) Why does this particular movie make it on a list with the best of the best Monica Belluci sex scenes? Simple. Monica Bellucci straddles and rides Clive Owen while he guns down wave after wave of bad guys. If you can combine sex and violence in the same scene with Monica Bellucci as your centerpiece, you're a genius. A freaking genius. Then, as soon as Clive Owen claps the last enemy, Monica has an orgasm. Classic.
  3. "Malena" (2000) There's nothing like a good ol' masturbation scene. Monica gets down and freaky with herself in one particular scene. She's in what looks like a kitchen or a bathroom. It really doesn't matter. She cuts a lemon in half and let's the juices run down her body. She then begins to massage herself much to the delight of her male viewers. Hell, some of the women probably enjoyed it, too. It's easily one of the best Monica Bellucci sex scenes.
  4. "Manuale D'amore 2" (2007) Monica Bellucci herself admitted to this particular movie being the most erotic piece she's ever done. When an actress that's used to getting freaky on film can say that a particular work is her most erotic, then you need to see it. Simple as that. Regardless if you understand the language or not. Sex is universal. So is Monica Bellucci's sex appeal.
  5. "Comme un poisson hors de l'eau" (1999) Loosely translated, this movie is called "Like A Fish Out of Water." Well, Monica's one sexy fish. One particular scene stands out in this flick. She and some guy jump into a car after it starts to rain. She climbs on top of him and shows him how to handle a stick shift. The best part about this particular scene is the fact the dude looks like an average Joe. She's not playing cowgirl on some pretty boy male model. She's making it with some balding, out of shape, middle aged man.
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