5 Best Motion Control Running Shoes For Men

Knowing what the 5 best motion control running shoes are can help you if you tend to overpronate. These shoes will stop you from doing that and keep you from causing damage to the muscles and joints of your legs. In addition to being good for overpronators, these shoes are great for big and heavy runners. 

  1. Brooks Beast 8 This motion control running shoe is ideal in that it provides the necessary support, yet it is lightweight. This soft shoe has gel cushioning to protect the areas of the feet that take the most pounding. It is an excellent shoe for big men.
  2. Asics Gel-Foundation 9 Even the best motion control running shoes can feel a bit stiff. That is not the case with the Gel-Foundation 9. In spite of that, it still provides a good deal of shock absorption for overpronators. Soft matter contours the inside of the shoe to make it one of the most comfortable available.
  3. New Balance 1226 New Balance always seems to make someone's list of great running shoes. The 1226 is a firm shoe with solid foot stabilization features. The interior is lined with a thick sock liner for added comfort. Flexibility is not lost on this firm and rugged runner's shoe.
  4. Nike Zoom Equalon+ 4 Nike motion control running shoes are always well made and groundbreaking. The Equalon+ protects the runner's heal with a built-in crash pad in the heel. There is a reinforced post that runs underneath the medial side to provide extra stability for heavy overpronators. The sole of this soft, flexible shoe might remind experienced runners of the wonderful Nike Waffle Trainers from many years ago.
  5. Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS Last but not least of our five best motion control running shoes is the ProGrid Stabil. This is a great shoe for runners needing a larger toe box. An arch-side support post that runs all the way to the forefoot of the shoe affords the highest amount of pronation control possible. The shoe is so flexible that it may not require a break-in period.
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