5 Best Motocross Bike Games

Looking for the 5 best motocross bike games? While many motocross video games have been made, few are able to capture the true experience of what its like to slide around a loosely packed berm or execute a perfect tabletop jump. The best motocross racing video games provide a fun and thrilling racing experience without the risk of breaking your clavicle, or worse, damaging your FMF pipes.

  1. Enduro Racer. This Sega arcade classic was originally released on the Sega Master System, with subsequent releases on the Commodore 64, Atari ST and most recently on the Wii Virtual Console. This game is pure-arcade fun and you earn points for each car and bike passed and the points can be used to upgrade or repair your dirt bike. Sega really crafted one of the best motocross bike games when they made this simple, fun to play gem.
  2. MTX Mototrax. During the mid-2000's the Sony PS2, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PSP were graced with one of the best motocross bike games when this game hit the market. This game allows you to race in motocross and supercross formats and also provides a great freestyle tournament to hone your personal style, brah!
  3. Jeremy McGrath Supercross '98. During the 1990's, the sign that you had made it as an athlete was getting a video game named after you. Jeremy McGrath became the first motocross superstar with this honor, and he should feel special because the game bearing his name is one of the best motocross bike games ever made. This Sony PlayStation exclusive featured a plethora of tracks, great AI and some of the best light-sourcing of its time.
  4. Excitebike. In 1984, Nintendo released Excitebike for the Nintendo Entertainment System. With the release of this game they forever changed the way motorcycles would be portrayed in pixel form. This great piece of programming goes down as one of the best motocross bike games ever made due to its sheer simplicity. Subsequent releases have provided added levels of realism and graphical prowess, but have all failed to provide the same level of entertainment as this 8-bit wonder.
  5. Yamaha Supercross. This release for the Sony PS2, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS is one of the best motocross bike games ever. The visual effects for different weather conditions and collision physics are truly something that must be seen to be believed. This game harnesses all of the programming techniques that were available at the time of its 2008 release, creating one of the most authentic dirt bike games ever produced.
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