5 Best Motocross Bike Stands

The 5 best motocross bike stands are basic units, which are easy to find and inexpensive. A quality motocross bike stand will allow you to stabilize your bike, show off your bike or work on it without concern. These five motocross bike stands are durable, sturdy and can handle most any job.

  1. Max-Lift Aluminum Motocross Bike Lift: Built to hold up to 300 pounds safely and with quick and easy step-to-raise technology. The 18.75" x 16.25" frame with 15" platform easily fits under the motocross bike and lifts to 36" in height. There is no need for manual placement as the step raiser is easy to use and will raise the bike with little effort.
  2. Risk Racing RR1 MX Motocross Bike Lift: Lightweight at seventeen pounds and sturdy enough to tackle a 450cc motocross bike. This stand is handy and easy to maneuver your motocross bike onto. The RR1 raises the motocross bike up to seventeen inches with a simple ride over and foot raise technology. Both wheels off the ground makes display more attractive and easier to work on.
  3. Langston Racing Hydraulic Dirt Bike Stand: An extremely sturdy and durable platform stance that can fully raise up to 650 cc motocross bike in a matter of seconds. The hydraulic foot pump is simple to operate and easy on the leg. This motocross stand boasts a wide footprint for ease of use and provides a solid foundation. Lowering of the bike is just as easy with the hydraulic shock to keep the bike from skipping and to maintain balance.
  4. The Creature MX Motocross Stand: A compact and lightweight folding motocross bike stand with oil drip pan attached. Easy to set up and even easier to load the bike, this motocross stand is sturdy and can take up to a 450cc motocross bike. The platform construction allows for easy access and a great show piece as well.
  5. Mix Racing Motocross Foot Bike Stand: This simple yet effective motocross bike stand is compact, lightweight and comes with an easy carrying handle. Set up is quick and brings both wheels off the ground up to fifteen inches. The simple foot raiser level is readily available and the hold mechanism is sturdy and durable.
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