5 Best Motocross Freestyle Tricks

These 5 best motocross freestyle tricks are the reason that people flock each year to the X-games. The high-flying, mesmerizing tricks seem to defy gravity and wow crowds around the world at various events. The sport of motocross freestyle has come a long way from the round track racing that came to light in the 1960's and 1970's. Before any of these tricks are performed for a crowd, many hours of practice and perfection are spent by the riders. These tricks should never be attempted at home or at a track without proper training, equipment and supervision. Please do not try these on your own as serious injury or death can occur.

  1. Superman. Like its name suggests, this motocross freestyle trick allows the rider to appear as if they are flying. The trick is accomplished by removing the feet and pushing the body out parallel to the bike. The rider hold on to both handle bars and lets their body fly straight out behind them. .
  2. The Surfer. This motocross freestyle trick takes a trick from the wave riders at the beach. The trick is achieved by pulling the feet up onto the seat into a surfer stance. The rider lets go with one hand or holds on with both depending on their skill level.
  3. Hart Attack. Similar to the Superman, this motocross freestyle trick is advanced and should only be tried by the most accomplished riders. The feet are removed from the pegs and the rider does a handstand on the handlebars.
  4. The Coffin. This motocross freestyle trick is sometimes called the Lazy boy. The rider removes the feet from the pegs and pushes them forward, under the handlebars. They then lean the body backwards to appear as if they are laying on the bike.
  5. The Backflip. Possibly the most popular motocross freestyle trick for fans is the backflip. This complicated, and dangerous trick has the rider flipping the bike end over end in the air. Highly advanced and not for beginners.
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