5 Best Motocross Kid’s Boots

The 5 best motocross boots for kids deliver performance and safety. With such a popular but dangerous sport you have got to believe that the top manufacturers are out making motocross boots for kids as well. Rest assured, they are and these top five boots rival adult boots for safety, style and comfort.

  1. Alpine Stars Youth Tech 6S Boots: These kids motocross boots rival any adult pair. The upgraded shin protection, flex toe construction and quad strapping mechanics are top notch at any age. The boots are geared towards ultimate protection and high grade material boasting safety, comfort and durability. All this and they look cool to boot.
  2. Gaerne SG-Y Youth Boots: These top grade leather motocross boots provides the best in comfort and flexibility. The high grade Italian leather with impact plates and shin guards provides the best in protection while allow freedom of movement and control. The entire boot is heat shielded and the outsole is expertly crafted for durability and stability.
  3. O'Neal Racing Youth Clutch Boots: If your young motocross rider is aggressive and always seems to be hitting the dirt track hard, then these boots are something to consider. Boasting top quality leather and adjustable strapping for a custom fit these boots are made for aggressive riders. The ultra-shield for heat and impact protection keeps the foot, ankle and shin well guarded. Sharp looks and a great fit round out this exceptional motocross kid’s boot.
  4. AXO Youth Crossover Boots: AXO offers a motocross boot that provides key impact point protection and full heat shielding. Had adjustable strapping and calf fit points to give the junior rider the best in comfort and fit. The patent under sole adheres the rider to the pegs and keeps the foot steady and true. The inside is odor and moisture resistant to keep the boot near odor free.
  5. Fox Racing Youth Comp 5 Checked Out Boots: One of the top names in racing offers a kid’s boot that fits the motocross bill. This sharp looking checkered (black and white) design is looker as well as offering top of the line safety feature. The easy to use one-touch buckling system holds fast and true. The leather construction provides comfort, protection and flexibility. Finally, the molded out sole is built with purpose and for stability.  
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