5 Best Motocross Pit Bikes

If you want to give in to your adventure and thrill cravings, then getting on one of the 5 best motocross pit bikes is a great idea. Motocross pit bikes give you extreme flexibility and can endure more than any ordinary bike can. You can jump it, slide it or race it, each way thrill is a promise. We introduce the best five motocross pit bikes which will give you the thrill of your life.

  1. SSR-160 R Pit Bike: The SSR 160cc motocross pit bike comes at the top of the list as it is the lightest and the best designed motocross pit bike. It has one of the best handling as it comes with double piston front and rear brakes. This one is made for stunting as you get extreme braking power when landing.
  2. Pirahna P160-R Pit Bike: This motocross pit bike unleashes extreme power of 160cc, which is enough to give you good air when doing stunts. Its Pro style grips and taper bars will give you an edge in steering like none other.
  3. G2 160R1 Pit Bike: G2 moto’s explosive 160cc pit bike gets a little down the list because of its Chinese suspension, but it is actually more aesthetically attracting  with thick bars, triple clamps that can be adjusted, fender braces, and rim locks.
  4. PitPro 160SE: The roaring engine sound from a double muffler exhaust system makes this motocross pit bike stand out from the other pit bikes. With sturdy front and rear shocks, greater suspension travel, and more space between the foot pegs and the seat, you can ride this motocross pit bike with greater comfort unlike any other pit bike.
  5. LXR 155 TEN Pitster Pro: If you want a slim feel in your motocross pit bike and want to conquer any terrain that treads in your path, this powerful pit bike can do it for you.


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