5 Best Motorcycle Covers

To protect a motorcycle from the elements, motorcycle owners will want to have one of the 5 best motorcycle covers. Having one of the best motorcycle covers will help ensure that a motorcycle last for many years. We give you the five best motorcycle covers.

  1.  Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Cover. This cover fits the Sportster 1200 and other custom bikes. This motorcycle cover has a fleece lining around the windshield and gas tank areas to prevent scratching. It is light weight and water repellant. Having a lock and cable is why this is one of the five best motorcycle covers.
  2. Suzuki GSX R Motorcycle Cover. Since this cover is double top stitched, it is made to last a long time. One of the best things about this motorcycle cover is that it offers the bike protection in all different types of weather. This cover fits the six hundred, seven hundred and fifty, and one-thousand models of the Suzuki GSX R series.
  3. Kawasaki Concours Motorcycle Cover XII. This motorcycle cover fits all late model Concours motorcycles. Having clamshell vents to prevent condensation from building up on the motorcycle is why this is one of the best motorcycle covers. This cover also comes with a lock and a three foot cover.
  4. Tour Master Elite. This motorcycle cover comes in four different sizes to fit a variety of bikes. Since this cover is double stitched and made from denier carbolex, it is extremely durable. This motorcycle cover also features heat panels to protect the cover from getting burnt by hot parts of the bike.
  5. GSI Super Quality Deluxe Cover. This cover fits most medium sized sports motorcycles. This motorcycle cover offers heavy duty protection against all types of weather. Being made with an anti scrape fabric is why this is one of the best motorcycle covers.
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