5 Best Motorcycle Locks

The 5 best motorcycle locks are locks that will ensure that your prized motorcycle remains where you want it to be: safely locked and where you last parked it. In general, the best motorcycle locks share some common characteristics like toughness, a lifetime warranty, and rigorous testing to make sure that they perform for you out on the streets.

  1. Trimax T665LC Hardened Metal Disc Lock. This motorcycle lock by Trimax is so tough and has been so well-prepared that it will resist all criminals who want to chisel, cut or saw their way through it to steal your motorcycle! For that alone, this Trimax motorcycle lock takes the one spot, but it also features a bonus carry pouch along with a reminder cable so you don't drive off with the lock still in place.
  2. Master Lock 8303DPS Disc Brake Lock. The Master Lock 8303DPS Disc Brake Lock is for all those times you want to frustrate a thief who wants to steal your motorcycle for joy-riding–when joy-riding on your motorcycle should be all your own pleasure! The Master Lock 8303DPS takes the two spot because it features a push-button lock system with a high-security, tubular lock and a neon orange design to remind you into removing it when you see it on your motorcycle.
  3. Xena XX-6 Motorcycle Disc Lock With Alarm. This motorcycle lock latches on to your brake disc, where it will sound an alarm if a thief so much as tries to cut it or tamper with it. The Xena XX-6 Motorcycle Disc Lock With Alarm also comes with a steel locking pin, movement and shock sensors around its perimeter, and a push-down locking system.
  4. Trimax MAX40BK Motorcycle Disc U-Lock. This Trimax comes in a massive and intimidating u-lock design that will scare potential thieves off just with its bulky appearance alone. While discouraging potential thieves with its appearance, the Trimax motorcycle lock also absorbs shocks from hammers thanks to its outer polymer skin.
  5. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain With Disc Lock. This Kryptonite motorcycle lock comes in at the number five position because it is very expensive and so may be cost-prohibitive. But if you have the money to spend, this chain with disc lock is the ultimate motorcycle lock in a high theft area, mainly because of its tempered boron manganese chain.
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